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Is your dog losing his/her bark and breathing heavy?

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I mention these particular clinical signs because they are easy to notice for owners and could be caused by a life threatening condition. The loss of the ability to bark or the development of a raspy bark is often associated with laryngeal paralysis. Laryngeal paralysis is associated with the loss of function of a nerve that is responsible for opening your dog’s airway. A very common sign that this may be the problem with your dog is the loss of the bark sound. They often sound like people when they lose their voice. If you notice this with your dog you should contact your veterinarian to schedule an upper airway exam. If left untreated, laryngeal paralysis can lead to breathing trouble and eventually death. If you are concerned that this may be what your dog has keep them in a cool environment and avoid excessive activity. The treatment for laryngeal paralysis is surgery. There are many different procedures but the most common is referred to as a tieback procedure where the surgeon actually ties the larynx open with a suture.

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