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My Dog Has Fleas

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Fleas are a big nuisance for both dogs and for their owners. Besides causing constant itching they can lead to severe flea bite allergies. The allergies can cause severe inflammation of the skin. Often time’s dogs will lose their hair and develop redness over their back and hind end area. To get rid of a flea infestation you need to treat the dog with a veterinary approved insecticide. There are certain products that are designed to kill fleas within 1/2 hr. Place the dog in an outside area during the first few hours after the treatment so the fleas can jump and die off. During the next few weeks it is best to vacuum the house at least twice daily and take the vacuum back immediately to the garbage outside. You should also wash all clothes and blankets in the house. You can also purchase flea treatment for your carpets that will kill the eggs and fleas themselves. This process should clear an infestation after a few weeks.

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