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My Dog Has Ticks

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Ticks are not just a nuisance because they are unsightly to look at but they also carry diseases. Dogs can catch many diseases from ticks that can be life threatening. Lyme disease is one of the better known tick diseases. Ticks can also cause whole body paralysis just from being attached to the dog. The best way to deal with a tick problem is to keep the yard trimmed. Ticks like tall grass. The yard should also be sprayed with pesticides that will prevent ticks. All dogs should be given tick preventative. Any ticks seen on a dog should be removed. Make sure to remove the tick by grabbing the head and pulling it from the skin. If you grab the tick by the body you may leave the head still in the skin. This could potentially lead to an infection. If your dog acts sick with lethargy, decreased appetite, pain etc. I would contact your veterinarian and tell them about the tick problem.

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