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It is more than a leisure walk - it is about safety: The Beginnings of the Horgan Harness

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When I was younger, I remember loving to walk my six-year-old Labrador, Honey – until one day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nine years old and quite frankly, I didn’t weigh much compared to Honey. When we were walking one day, she literally started to pull me across the street. I tried to let her go but her leash was stuck on my watch and she actually dragged me. Luckily, there were no cars coming down the road at the time and I was okay, but having such a personal connection to pulling, fueled me later in life to fix this issue.

How often do you see dogs pulling your neighbors down the street during their walk? I was starting to see it literally everyday and noticed that pulling was not only an issue in my neighborhood, but a major problem among dog owners throughout the world.

One of the most common reasons people give up walking their dog is because they pull too much. Instead of having a leisure walk, it becomes a chore and not to mention a serious, unintentional full body exercise.

With the fear of a young boy or girl being pulled into a sea of traffic and the thought of annoyed owners while walking their dog, I started trying to figure out ways to fix this issue of pulling.

Hence, the Horgan Harness was born.

As a veterinarian, I not only gained the scientific knowhow, but also a true passion for dogs. I knew that since nearly 70% of a dog’s power is generated in their hind legs, I needed to design a harness for the back legs.

All of the products on the market today, designed to control pulling, attach to the front part of the body. This is like applying the brakes to a moving car. However, a harness that could prevent the power from being generated from the back legs would be like shutting off the engine.

After patenting the Horgan Harness, I started to share it with the world and so far many customers are satisfied. Take a look at this video a customer uploaded to YouTube.

Thanks for joining this journey with me. Let’s talk about what you want to hear. Remember, I am a licensed veterinarian that is boarded in small animal surgery and critical care. Please feel free to bring up any stories, issues or questions you may have here, on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to purchase the Horgan Harness, buy it here

Not convinced yet, please feel free to read comments from Horgan Harness owners

Until next time!

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