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Official ACVECC LogoSafety First!

As a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, naturally Dr. Horgan's primary concern with development of the Horgan Harness was safety. The body of the harness is made of soft polyester, just like other front end harnesses. The cords that wrap around the back legs are made of soft nylon and are designed to create a sensation around the muscles when tightened. They are not made of rope and do not constrict/strangulate nor cause any skin irritation of any kind. The cords have excellent memory so they return to their loose state as soon as your companion walks slower. One large advantage of the Horgan Harness is that it avoids applying any pressure to the sensitive areas of the body (i.e. head, neck, chest, armpit areas, etc.). For cleanliness, it can be soaked and hand washed. It is also lightweight and durable, tested strong enough for dogs weighing over 200 pounds.

How it Works:
The Horgan Harness is unique in that it is the only hind leg dog harness. Definitely not the norm. It may seem intimidating at first but our customers all agree that it is very easy to use and works better than other products they have tried. The Horgan Harness was designed to create a harmless sensation by gently tightening around the hind legs.  This is where powerful muscles (Quadriceps and Hamstrings) are used to generate 70% of your dogs power while pulling. This sensation diverts their attention and reminds your dog to slow down before any pulling is felt by the walker

The Horgan Harness: starting at $29.99 plus shipping.

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